Shire of Harpelstane


General enquiries

Harpelestane is a historic recreation society that investigates and re-enacts fighting, arts, crafts and sciences from the dark to middle ages. We differ from most historical re-enactment groups in that we do cover a wide range of time up to the sixteenth century.

When we have get-togethers, we dress in a range of medieval styles. Attendees can choose to take on the guise of a Viking Jarl, a Tudor lady in waiting, or any other person who may have lived before 1600AD. We find that this diversity of approach unites us, and inspires us to learn more about different aspects of history.

Our regular meetings focus on music and dance, crafts, and medieval combat.

What are you interested in?

We can help you get started with:

  • Armor making

  • Calligraphy and illumination of manuscripts.

  • Costuming

  • Heraldry

  • Historical research

  • Medieval combat (armoured combat and fencing)

  • Music and dance

  • Recreating medieval recipes, and cooking for feasts

  • Weaving, embroidery, braiding and other textile arts

It doesn't matter if your desire is to master a craft, or just dabble... If they did it "then", you'll be able to find someone with similar interests doing it now.

The small print

Harpelestane is part of the Principality of Insulae Draconis, which is located in the Kingdom of Drachenwald (Europe, Africa and Middle East), which is a Kingdom within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). We cover all of Scotland but most of our members live in the Central Belt.

If you want to organise an event or become an officer or marshal, then you will need to join the SCA. This is purely for legal and insurance reasons.

Please view our policies and club documents for information on child safety and event risk assessments.