The Shire of Harpelstane is a historical society that focuses on medieval craft, science and skills. Unlike many re-enactment groups we are not focussed on performing for the public. Our members focus on the aspect of history that interests them. Many of our members research and practice these aspects and in turn teach them to others.

These interests include;-

It doesn't matter if your desire is to master a craft, or just dabble... If they did it "then", more than likely you'll be able to find someone with similar interests doing it now.

When we have get-togethers we dress in medieval styles to give a backdrop to each member's particular persona. This means that a Viking Jarl can be sitting next to a Tudor Lady in Waiting. This Anachronism may to outside eyes raise eyebrows, however it unites us as we understand the effort and time our individuals have put in to their work.

We hold weekly meetings focussed on music & dance and combat and have monthly gatherings, sometimes in a castle or other historical site and sometimes to work on a group or individual's project.

  • The skill involved in medieval combat
  • The art involved in calligraphy and illumination of manuscripts
  • The craft involved with medieval textile techniques and dress construction.

Events & Activities

Members of Harpelstane get together for a number of different activities: some weekly, some monthly, some just every so often.

Upcoming Events