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First points of contact 

General Enquiries  

Chatelaine  - Responsible for promoting & welcoming newcomers 

Facebook : Groliffe the Harpelstane Dragon : -  This Dragon will act as a news stream for what is going on in Harpelstane.

Other Servants of the Shire (day to day running) 

Seneschal  - Responsible for the day to day running of the shire

Knight Marshal - Responsible for promoting Historical Armoured Combat 

Minister of Arts & Sciences  - Responsible for promoting Arts & Sciences 

Exchequer  - Responsible for Money 

Herald  - Responsible for Research & Registration of Names & Arms

Marshal of Fence - Responsible for promoting Historical Fencing 

Captain of Archers - Responsible for promoting Historical Archery  

Web Minister  - Responsible for the Website

CRBS Contact - Responsible for compliance with child and vulnerable adults legislation

Accessibility Support Information