The Feast of the Holly King

Post date: Sep 10, 2015 10:08:59 AM

Date: 21st November Time: 4pm - 10pm In the dark and depths of winter, it is too cold and wet for the genteel folk to go hunting and so we have brought the hunting indoors, but who will land the final blow and be crowned the Holly King? More information and booking at;

Cost: £20 (or possibly £15)

The family cap will be three full adult rates.

The reasoning for the costs: As this feast was prompted by looking for bigger halls than the ones we already use, the hall is too big for the feast we are planning and therefore to try to prevent making a loss we have a two tier breakeven system - if we get less than 20 people we will run at the higher pricing, however if we get 20 people or more booked then everyone will pay the lower pricing as the cost of the hall will be split over more people.

All hunting activities will be suitable for all ages (or anyone old enough to hold a spear, anyway).