Shire Convocations

Post date: Nov 5, 2013 1:15:10 PM

Members of our fine shire are beginning to gather on a weekly basis to pursue period arts and sciences, do a bit of fighting and just generally have some fun. Conall and Sara are kicking off the gatherings with a period cooking day in Stirling on the 9th of November. November’s Challenge is to use a New World (North or South American) food in a period recipe. We are reasonably close to the Stirling or Bridge of Allan rail stations and pickups can be arranged. Please contact us at seneschal @ and we will email addresses, directions, etc.

If any fighters want to come along, we can retire to a local pitch or a park up the way and get some practice in with the hope of some food upon our glorious return. If there aren’t enough fighters, or weather is prohibitive, we can do some armouring. We have facilities for leather working and basic riveting and the like. Not much metal working tools yet though.

Cooking days will continue on the second Saturday of each month. Other convocation ideas are coming in. If you’d like to host a monthly gathering or even just a one-off, Please send an email to seneschal @ As the host, you get to choose the activity and the day of gathering. We can do gatherings to sew garb, make armour, heavy or light fighting, cooking, music, dance, leather craft, carpentry, etc. All period activities are welcome.

Those of us who fight are trying to get in regular practice and we would like to do so at these gatherings. Please advise if there is fighting space available. (either at the gathering place or nearby) Some councils will require that we arrange space within a park, others are more casual about it. Let us know a likely spot and we can help check on the local requirements.