Saturday, 15 February - Convocation

Post date: Feb 3, 2014 3:17:34 PM

Asbiorn and Catlin would like to invite the rest of Harpelstane to a Convocation on Saturday the 15th of February in the town of Leuchars, starting at about 10 am and going until 5pm (or whenever the hosts crash). Please feel free to bring your crafts, your armor, and your cooking. The theme will be Something Red, Something Blue, so feel free to bring food or drink made from something that was originally red or blue, or has been subsequently colored red or blue. We will provide cheese and crackers, and two protein dishes (one vegetarian, one meat-based) and as much hot tea as is wanted. Fighters and fencers are welcome to give each other new bruises, and there are DVDs available for smaller or maturity-challenged members to watch movies such as the cartoon Robin Hood (and popcorn!). Please be aware that in the Shire there are people with wheat allergies and pepper allergies, so please be aware of what's going into your recipes so that we can avoid problems. There are two small enthusiastic dogs at the house, so those allergic to dogs may wish to premedicate. We have plenty of floor space indoors for laying out of projects, and Stephanie has offered to bring a sewing machine as well. Please message me or Asbiorn privately for directions to the house by car or via train or bus and contact phone numbers if desired!