The Shire Gathering - The Wappenshaw

For many years Historic Scotland have kindly let us use their beautiful castles for regular get togethers in the summer months.

A Wappenshaw is:

A periodic muster or review of troops or persons under arms, formerly held in certain districts of Scotland to satisfy military chiefs that their men were properly armed and faithful to the locallord or chieftain. 

A gathering of the people of a district in Scotland, at which every man was bound to appear duly armed according to his rank, and make exhibition of his skill in the use of his weapons, against a time of war.

These gatherings date from the end of the fifteenth century - so it seems an appropriate name for our periodic gatherings at castles throughout Scotland to demonstrate our skills with both weapons and period arts and sciences.

Harpelstane are now pleased to invite everybody to attend our monthly Wappenshaws. These are day events held at Historic Scotland Castles in the summer months, with heavy fighting, A&S activities and rapier (if fencers let us know that they will be attending).

The Wappenshaws are held within normal castle opening hours, usually between 11am and 4pm. Normal castle entry fees apply. For directions and all other information about the castles please go to the Historic Scotland webpages listed below. Bring your own lunch J

If you are planning on attending, please let the event steward know so we can tell you about any special arrangements or last minute changes.

Event Steward: Torrkil Godresdon (Tara Smith)                 Email: 

Marshal in Charge: Torrkil Godresdon (Tara Smith)         Email: 

Historic Scotland kindly let us come and play in some of their castles. 

Come and join us at our  monthly (ish) day events. These events take place is some of Historic Scotland's nicest castles

The castles we will be using  are:

  • 20th May Linlithgow Palace 
  • 24th June Newark Castle 
  • 16th September Aberdour Castle 

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